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Sympoietic Series


April 2023


New York City, NY, United States



Project type

Lighting Sculpture

“Sympoietic” by Sabrina Merayo Nuñez delicately interlaces the realms of the human, non-human, and technological, suggesting an intricate kinship. Sabrina has innovatively formulated her own recipe for a 100% biodegradable collagen-based bioplastic, merging modern methods with time-honored medieval techniques traditionally employed for crafting paints and adhesives. With this avant-garde material, she has sculpted lighting masterpieces that engage with viewers, using state-of-the-art motion sensors. These creations seamlessly blend handcrafted elements with artfully repurposed manufactured components, such as intricate carvings, furniture fragments, veneers, and glinting crystals.

Fascinatingly, the electronic sensors are liberated from their typical casings and artfully integrated within these sculptures, laying bare the circuits and wirings that power them. As viewers interact, moving their hands closer or farther, the sculptures respond with nuanced luminosity. Depending on the viewer’s proximity and movement, the light can illuminate, dim, or pulsate, echoing the rhythmic cadence of a heartbeat.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Sabrina’s designs evoke transformational structures, such as nests, chrysalises, and cocoons, mirroring nature’s ephemeral vessels of metamorphosis.

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