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I'm a latinamerican immigrant artist based in NYC. I research the boundaries of furniture and sculpture exploring notions of functionality, applied arts, and typologies. I have been studying the physicality of wood, beginning from various craft histories to its material and genetic make-up in bio-art. I assemble pre existing wood furniture with analogical objects and bio materials to investigate possible meanings of the rich history that functional objects have and our relationship with them by subverting traditional forms, materials, expectation and historic values.


This symbiosis takes place at the studio where I develop the meticulous deconstruction and association of objects and materials, working with their constructional mechanisms and their poetical potential. The Studio It’s an installation itself. It’s a lab, a cabinet of curiosities where the process is as important as the final result. I learned the wooden craft in traditional workshops in Argentina. These workshops were created by european immigrants who arrived in argentina escaping from the war and who were able to survive thanks to their craftsmanship. More than utilitarian, the function of my pieces is symbolic and evocative with a narrative character. I create my work to tell tales about craftsmanship, design, and art and how they are related with human capacity to create and modify the environment.

Gradually, all materials, glues and paints used come from natural and organic sources. They are the result of a research on ancient techniques to find a current context to rethink the close relationship between matter and makers in the era of dematerialization.