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I'm Latin American Interdisciplinary Artist born in Argentina based in New York City.

The processes of nature, the human capacity to manage them and the technologies that have become mediators between them are three axes that I am interested in exploring and bringing together in my work. 

My goal is to co-create with nature, to observe and learn from its patterns of behavior. My intention is to facilitate contexts in which these patterns can be expressed and expanded through my practice. 

I think of tools and technology as extensions of our own perception 

(could we also say of our own humanity?):lenses, machines, biotechnology, AI, programming, allow us to expand our senses and capacities of understanding and modify the world we live in, pushing us to question the materiality of our own physicality.  


In my bio-art project "Humans As Trees”, developed at the Coalesce Center for Biological Art at the University at Buffalo (2018),

I worked on extracting DNA from tree species and comparing it to the sequencing of my own DNA. The axis of this project was to follow the path of the dematerialization of nature at the lab (from the physical branch to the 4-letter code that makes DNA programming possible). In doing so, I went through the process of translating matter (tree) 

into data (code).

As a result of my research in bio-art, I have begun work on a series of sculptural lighting pieces that integrate biology and art. My research has focused on materiality, on the ways of transforming nature and its processes. I developed my own recipe for 100% biodegradable homemade bioplastic (collagen based) combining contemporary recipes and medieval techniques for making paints and varnishes. With this material I create lighting sculptures that interact with the public through sensors. 

These pieces also involve a co-creation process in which I encapsulate agar with branches and roots generating a microbiome that develops independently. In this case, my intervention triggers a process that occurs at the organic level, beyond my absolute control.


My current work combines my bioplastic with other materials such as agar, natural pigments, and fibers with copper, bronze, wooden furniture, crystals, sensors and LED lights.

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238 E 7TH Street BSM B, New York, NY, 10009 |  +1 (646) 2661087

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