I am a Latin-American visual artist and furniture maker from Argentina based in NYC.


I was trained in cabinet-makers ateliers to learn the trades of antique crafts. My main focus is studying pre-industrial revolution furniture. I investigate the boundaries between furniture and sculpture and explore notions of functionality, applied arts and various typologies.


I collect wooden furniture, antiques and unique objects. I work with 19th century pianos, books, cameras, lenses, pocket watches, mirrors, crystals, veneers and various organic materials. After gathering a few materials, I carefully and meticulously disassemble them. Then  I subvert all kinds of traditional materials with ancient craft techniques such as marquetry, inlay, painting and engraving. 


I was very surprised to discover that 950 tons of furniture are discarded everyday in New York. So I began to gather used objects abandoned in the street, with the intention of putting them back in circulation in a new form, as a way of honoring them.


I am inspired by 18th century mechanical furniture, cinema, applied arts I love the story that each object carriers, from how it was built to its function in the world. My studio is like a cabinet of curiosities in which all associations are possible.

I have a degree in Visual Arts from University of Buenos Aires, a degree in Valuation of Artworks and Decorative Arts from Universidad del Museo Social Argentino and a Fine Arts Degree from Prilidiano Pueyrredón School.

My work has been exhibited in the US, Latin America, and Europe.

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