I am a Latin-American woman from Argentina based in NYC.


I was trained in cabinet-makers ateliers to learn the trades of antique crafts. My main focus is studying pre-industrial revolution furniture. I investigate the boundaries between furniture and sculpture and explore notions of functionality, applied arts and various typologies.


I collect wooden furniture, antiques and unique objects. I work with 19th century pianos, books, cameras, lenses, pocket watches, mirrors, crystals, veneers and various organic materials. After gathering a few materials, I carefully and meticulously disassemble them. My creative process starts when each screw and mechanical component of each object leads me to discover something new about them. In the analog world, each piece is one of a kind, has a unique constructional logic. After arranging every piece on a table, I study how to best rearrange them with other materials. I subvert all kinds of traditional materials with ancient craft techniques such as marquetry, inlay, painting and engraving. 


I was very surprised to discover that 950 tons of furniture are discarded everyday in New York. So I began to gather used objects abandoned in the street, with the intention of putting them back in circulation in a new form, as a way of honoring them.


I am inspired by 18th century mechanical furniture, where fantasy, details and old carpentry techniques coexist in perfect balance. I am very curious about about the imagination that comes behind it. I love the story that each object carriers, from how it was built to its function in the world. My studio is like a cabinet of curiosities in which all associations are possible.

Sabrina has a degree in Visual Arts from University of Buenos Aires, a degree in Valuation of Artworks and Decorative Arts from Univesrdidad del Museo Social Argentino and a Fine Arts Degree from Prilidiano Pueyrredón School. She has exhibited in the US, Latin America, and Europe.

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