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DNA of Trees

Project Type

Bio Art Residency


Nov-Dec 2017


Coalesce Center for Biological Art
University at Buffalo
NY, United States

Directed by Paul Vanouse, Coalesce Center for BioArt, comprises a studio laboratory, a teaching laboratory, and a conference room dedicated to interdisciplinary engagements and collaborations between the arts, humanities and the sciences, between scholarly and local communities, and between the university and the world at large

Humans as Trees

I am interested in working my DNA in parallel with the DNA of the trees. Obtain DNA through different methods in order to preserve the substance that is usually only a step to access the code. My goal is to point out that materiality in order to highlight the
abstraction procedures that occur in the translation of languages between the object of study and science. Another point of interest is the comparison of the code between the samples and investigate their commonalities and differences.

I worked many years in the craftwork with wood, going through the organic substances used in the processes until I reach back to the escense of the tree and the way in which technologies influence our relationship with nature. Having the key of life (DNA) puts us in the situation to stop thinking about the nature as an "other" and understand that as human beings we are crossed by the same laws of life.
Lab Manager Solon Morse

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