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bioplastic project 

Sympoietic is proposing a chain of kinship between human, non-human and technology. I developed my own recipe for 100% biodegradable homemade bioplastic (collagen based) combining contemporary recipes and medieval techniques for making paints and glues. With this material I create lighting sculptures that interact with us humans, through motion sensors. I also incorporate elements that are manufactured (such as carvings, fragments of furniture and veneers, and crystals). On the other hand, some of the pieces are also shaped by co-created events (agar encapsulated with branches and roots, generating a microbiome), where my intervention activates a process developing on a biological level beyond my control. The electronic sensors are removed from their containers and integrated into the sculptures. All the circuits and cabling that make them work are visible. By moving the palm of the hand closer or further away, you can dimerize the pieces. Depending on how the viewer approaches or moves, the light can be turned on, dimmed, or become intermittent, transforming itself into a heartbeat. The shape and texture of the objects are reminiscent of nests, chrysalises, cocoons and other ephemeral container forms related to transformation

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