Carl Hardt

A late 19th century German piano it was completely disassembled. The hammers and mechanisms of the piano were assembled, embedded, recontextualized in a modern production style piece of furniture.

take a look inside the binoculars, you can find the serial number of the piano

materials and objects>> German 1890’s Carl Hardt piano, ebony and ivory keys, inlay of piano hammers and mechanisms, copper, brass, strings, walnut and root of maple veneer, antique binoculars, argentinian original 50's coins and bills, porcelain doll hand, screws, led lights, cardboard, horn, old bronze crank handle, aluminum, velvet, clock mainspring. 


This side drawer can only be opened by operating the crank handle.


dimensions>> 56 X 35 X 16 IN

year>> 2013 - 2015