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objects and materials>> porcelain, peso argentino 1954’s, argentinian coins 1984’s Chilenian coins, antique scale mechanism, Czech strass, ivory, chandelier bronze parts, alabaster, tissot pocket clock, crystal cairel, bullet cartridges "military fabrications", metal antiseptic pill’s box "Sucrets", otter fur, walnut root veneer, maple root eneer, afromasia root veeneer, Underwood's typewriter key, mirror, covered with burnt leather scrap >> 27 X 43 X 20 IN >> 2014 - 2017


The "poudreuse" is a type of feminine toilette developed at the court of Louis XV in the 18th century. Its name means "powder" and refers to the white powder used at the time as makeup.

Women also placed in this piece of furniture all the items related to the feminine toillette such as perfumes, combs and oils. From the 18th century onwards, women turned this moment into a social event during which they could receive the most diverse visitors, while their courtesans prepared them. 


This typology is closely linked to the luxury, frivolity and playful spirit of that time.


The furniture used in this piece is a reproduction from around 1930 made by a European immigrant cabinetmaker in Argentina.

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